Coronavirus (Covid-19) Procedures and Expectations

The following procedures and expectations have been written to inform parents/carers and children of how Sensory Soft Play has taken appropriate measures to minimise the risk of contracting Covid-19, whilst attending respite sessions.
It also outlines the expectations and responsibilities of parents/carers and children when attending classes.

If after reading the information below, you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us at

  • Online booking and paying online means that the potential for the virus to transfer on physical money is removed.
  • The booking system requires a parent/carer to give their full name and contact number. This will be used if Public Health England request information as part of the Government’s track and trace system. If the named adult on our booking system is not dropping the child to the sessions, they will be required to leave their full name and contact number on registration for this same reason.
  • We ask that parents/carers and children do not attend classes if they are displaying any of the known symptoms of Covid –19. These symptoms can be found here
  • On registering your child, they will be asked to use hand sanitising gel and a member of Sensory Soft Play team will take your child’s temperature, using an infrared thermometer which will be pointed at, not touching, your child’s forehead. If the reading is 38C or higher your child will not be able to attend classes.
  • Unfortunately, we will have to ask parents not to stay at this time to watch their children. This is to limit the number of individuals we have in the available spaces. Thank you in advance for your understanding and should any child feel distressed, we will have your contact details to call.
  • Sensory Soft Play staff will place the children’s belongings in an assigned area, which is distanced from the next child’s belongings.
  • During sessions your child will have their own space, which again, is socially distanced in which to learn and most importantly, have fun in!
  • Children will be kept in bubbles, which they will stay in during the entire session. This will limit the number of children each child will come into contact with.
  • If your child needs help with anything, which involves a member of Sensory Soft Play coming in proximity, such as to tie their shoelace, then the instructor will wear a mask to limit the potential risk of infection.
  • We will also be limiting the amount of equipment we use to reduce the potential for transmission and will clean any equipment if used.