Sponsors Page

We have recently received funding from the following organisations and welcome more sponsors:

Banfield and Pomphrey Funeral Directors – Banfield & Pomphrey Funeral Directors | Hastings (banfield-pomphrey.co.uk)

Hastings Youth Trust –Home (hastingsyouthtrust.org.uk)

Rotary Club

Magic Little Grants (provided by The Post Code Lottery)

Hastings Winkle Club

Hastings and St Leonards Winkle Club

Isabel Blackman Foundation

Hastings Rotary Club

Magdalen and Lasher Charity

Lucy Tate Trust

Roy Hudson Trust

Screw Fix Foundation – Screwfix Foundation | Help | Screwfix Website

Albert Hunt Foundation – The Albert Hunt Trust, a grant giving charitable trust

Garfield and Weston Foundation – Welcome to the Garfield Weston Foundation – Garfield Weston Foundation

Hastings Direct – Hastings Direct Careers | About Hastings Direct

Jempsons Foundation – The Jempson Foundation (jempson-foundation.org)

Arnold Clark Foundation – The Arnold Clark Community Fund | Arnold Clark