“My two boys really benefit from this group. They have flourished so much in the nurturing environment,  and from forming new relationships with the staff and other children. There are no other groups locally meeting this need for neurodiverse children. It also provides welcome respite for me as their sole parent.”

[L Hook]

“Mixing with other children has given him the confidence to socialize, to speak up for himself and express himself. He absolutely loves going to SSP as he never knows what activity he will be able to take part in and enters each session with great anticipation and enthusiasm. As a grandparent it has been wonderful to have found SSP.
The supervision is superb and each child is encouraged in their various activities with great enthusiasm and dedication. My grandson obviously feels relaxed and comfortable – the perfect environment to soak up all that SSP offers. He absolutely loves his sessions and long may they continue.

My grandson has made lots of new friends since attending SSP. This has been thanks to the staff who encourage not just him, but all the attending children, to mix, share and converse,
increasing their confidence to such an extent that they are very happy to be in each others’ company.

The staff are absolutely amazing and very much needed to help and support our special, special needs children.” [S Butler]

“We can tell he enjoys it as he squeals with excitement when we get near the club. When we tell him we are going to the Club, he does the makaton sign for friends and smiles. He is very happy going there.

If he was at home he would be content to sit and watch YouTube or play on his own with his toys, at the club he sees other children playing and having fun with a wide range of different toys and activities, so is more likely to try to copy them and try new things. It’s been lovely seeing him race around the outside play area. We’ve also noticed that he hardly ever has any toilet accidents at the club, at school he often seems to (though he has got better).

As an only child, its great for him to have the chance to see other children outside of school and be
part of a community. This helps with his confidence and independence. It’s fantastic that he has the chance to play with other SEN children in a safe, friendly and non-judgemental space.

It also gives us as parent/carers the chance to have a bit of respite which is a god send. Thank you very much for the fantastic service that you provide, it is very much appreciated.”

[S Tripp]