Environmental Policy

In line with our principle, Sensory Soft Play will respect the environment.  We will prevent or reduce the undesired effects of our business activities on the environment, and we are committed to continual improvement of our environmental policy. We will endeavour to:
  • Drive continual improvement by ensuring effective management of our environmental impacts to enhance our environmental performance.
  • Ensure all of our risks and opportunities for the environment are identified and adequately controlled.
  • Protect the environment which includes preventing pollution throughout the lifecycle of our services, improving efficiency in the use of natural resources, protection of biodiversity, habitats and eco systems and climate change mitigation and adaption.
  • Develop objectives, supported by targets to manage our significant impacts.
  • Develop Environmental Performance indicators to measure resource use, waste and emissions to promote environmental best practice.
  • Communicate to our staff to be aware of the impacts their activities can have upon the receiving environment and to know how to operate responsibly.
  • Ensure our operations are carried out in accordance with our compliance obligations.
  • Seek innovative solutions and take advantage of new technology by working in partnership with our customers and supply chain.
  • Communicate this policy within the organisation and make it available to interested parties.
  • Review and, if necessary, revise this policy on an annual basis.
Reviewed: 15.03.23
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